susanAfter healing from what they call breast cancer I have completed my studies as an Internationally Accredited Practitioner of The Journey Work.

I realized after having a quarter of my breast removed that I wasn’t about to continue with the conventional treatments of chemotherapy and radiation. I knew instinctively I needed to release whatever was causing my body to have created this dis-ease and I didn’t know how to do that until I came upon this work.

Releasing the blocked energy in our bodies and minds allows healing to occur.

It is scientifically proven memories are stored in our cells and with them an emotion that keeps them lodged there. Now there is a known process to open into these cell memories through the emotions releasing them allowing cellular healing to occur.

The Journey process outlined in the book The Journey by Brandon Bays is now recognized internationally as one of the most powerful processes available, igniting the bodies own healing wisdom and opening us to the deepest level of the soul.

Journey processes are a guided meditation and visualization which may take approximately two hours that reaches the root of the emotion that has created blocked energy in the body and mind causing illness, pain or anything that holds us back from everything we want in our life.