About Susan

susan_aboutHello, my name is Susan D’Agostino.

It took creating dis-ease in my body for me to realize I needed to change things in my life that weren’t in alignment with who I truly was.

Depression was always nipping at my heels my entire life. The problem was, I was doing everything in my power not to feel it; I didn’t know I was avoiding it.

Anger was always bubbling just beneath the surface, waiting to boil over onto any situation that presented itself. I was especially angry at the thought that I had what they call “cancer”.

With a little guidance and grace, we all can heal from whatever is hindering us from living our authentic lives. Can you imagine having everything you’ve ever wished and dreamed of? Being happy and healthy? Enjoying love and abundance?

I learned that our bottled-up emotions cause dis-ease in the first place. Then I found ways to safely and sanely release these emotions that have been stuck in the body and mind. I also realized it matters “what” we allow ourselves to think about every day, to stay conscious to our thoughts regarding every aspect of our lives.

Through guided introspection-like meditation, our inner wisdom leads us to where the stuck emotions and memories are stored. As we truly forgive, our bodies and minds are able to release the blocked energy. This is the training I have immersed myself into.

I hold out my hand to you, and point to the way life can truly be. It is time to believe we have the inner wisdom that leads us to who we really are.

The road I took was long and bumpy. There is a shorter, smoother path.

I would be honoured to show you the way.